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World Health Day

World Health Day

3 Ways to Improve Your Nutrition - World Health Day

On Tuesday 7th April, World Health Day the United Chiropractic Association is promoting 3 simple ways to improve your nutrition. Whilst the emphasis of World Health Day is Food Safety Ed Groenhart, a member of the United Chiropractic Association and our chiropractors at Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic, suggests: "Whilst we all want to ensure that the foods we eat and drink are improving our health, not damaging it, we need to be aware that there are simple ways to ensure this" Ed has come up with three simple rules to supply our bodies with more goodness, and decrease the effects of a poor diet:


Physical, Chemical and Emotional Stress

Physical, Chemical and Emotional Stress

You know you’re stressed, but did you know that there are 3 kinds of stress that could be weighing you down? Physical, Chemical and Emotional. Or as DD Palmer the founder of Chiropractic identified "The 3 T's - Trauma, Toxins & Thoughts"

Physical Stress (Trauma)

Physical stress comes from the postures and positions you maintain throughout the day; it results from your actions and activity, or lack thereof. We all understand the importance of a proper work environment and ergonomic habits for manual workers. Too much heavy lifting and twisting or repetition can cause injury. But we don’t pay as much attention to how sedentary many other jobs are. Add that the fact that we sit when we eat, we sit when we drive, we sit when we relax. That lack of motion is another physical stress that your body has to deal with.


Half Term = Half Price for Kids!

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Half Term = Half Price

Between 16th and 21st February we are offering 1/2 price visits for children new to our clinic (to include assessment and first treatment!)

Call the clinic to book your appointment on: 01442 863800.


Smart Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting

Many of us set New Year Health resolutions but struggle to keep them -  Why is that you ask? The resolutions you set are often unrealistic or you are not truly committed to change. If you were why wouldn’t you make these changes today?

Forget the New Year’s Resolutions you have made and broken and set a goal today to make a lifestyle change for a more healthier you.

It is important that any goal you set is SMART for it to be successful. To start with stick to one goal at a time, master it, continue with it and move onto the next.



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Well Done Kevin!

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Kevin Pistak Movember

Huge Congrats to our Chiropractor Kevin Pistak for raising both £288 and awareness for Prostate Cancer by growing a mustache over the month of November!


WOW-Look how much we raised together...

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Care & Share in the Community

Yesterday, we had our CARE & SHARE IN THE COMMUNITY DAY where all money and donations received will be donated to our Local Dacorum Foodbank helping them to provide emergency food for local people in crisis. WE RAISED AN AMAZING £1095!! Thank you to all those who donated and especially to Lauren, Kevin, Katie & Chris for thier time given throughout the day.


TODAY Is our Care & Share in the Community Day!

TODAY IS OUR CARE & SHARE IN THE COMMUNITY DAY. ALL money and donations we receive today will be donated to our Local Dacorum Foodbank which will help them in their work providing emergency food for local people in crisis. So, If you are considering an appointment please consider one TODAY!


We are having a Charity Day!

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Care & Share in The Community

We are having a Charity day!

This year the United Chiropractic Association has decided to once again work with the Trussell Trust, a National Charity who through foodbanks, help to feed people in crisis. 1 in 5 uk people live below the poverty line. Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income, so we at Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic have decided to do something to help!


Homeopathy & Kinesiology: Focus on Exam Stress

Homeopathy & Kinesiology Exam Stress

Berkhamsted teenagers suffering from exam stress are seeking “alternative” help in the form of homeopathy. Homeopathic medicine may help calm exam nerves and deal with symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and digestive upsets.

Registered homeopath Patricia Wassall who runs a clinic in the Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic, explains: “A carefully chosen homeopathic medicine matched to the individual patient may help with the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of stress, by triggering the body’s natural system of healing. It’s a holistic approach, witheach prescription based on the individual patient’s experience of their illness.”

Stress can lead to a range of symptoms, as well as reducing the function of your immune system, making you more susceptible to colds and other bugs.