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It's Movember!

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Movember

It's MOVEMBER and our Chiropractor Kevin Pistak is participating in this fantastic event!

I currently have several patients and friends fighting to regain their health from prostate cancer and would like to do my part in raising awareness of men’s health issues. As the largest non-governmental investors in men’s health programmes in the world I feel the Movember Foundation deserves my support. If you would like to join me in the fight for men’s health you are welcome to make a donation however small or large you wish by going to and following the guidance there. You can also see the daily “progress” in my moustache by visiting the same site throughout the month of Movember.


Abdominal Strengthening Exercise

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic The Front Plank

The Front Plank.

The front plank in which you perform a static hold on your forearms from a push-up position, engages your anterior (front) core muscles, the abdominals and hip flexors, this allows you to maintain your spinal alignment and prevent your lower back from over-arching and your hips from sagging toward the floor.

Start by lying face down with hands beside the head raise the body up onto toes and elbows, keeping the back straight and neck relaxed. Hands can be clasped together or out in front.


Meet our new Chiropractor!

Berkhamsted Chrisopractic Clinic Chris Dunmall

Please join us in welcoming our newest member of staff Chris Dunmall.

Chris has joined Berkhamsted Chiropractic after spending the last 5 years working in a busy London clinic. He is experienced in treating patients from all walks of life from sports people to classical singers hoping to improve health and performance, but it is family practice that he finds most rewarding. 

Chris was first introduced to chiropractic as a teenager when a low back injury prevented him from competing at a National Modern Pentathlon competition. So impressed by the speed of recovery and the effect it had on his overall health and athletic performance he was inspired to study chiropractic at the world renowned Anglo European College of Chiropractic.  


World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day

Arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition and can have a significant impact on the quality of life of individuals suffering from this disease. On 12th October 2014, World Arthritis Day the United Chiropractic Association is highlighting the benefits Chiropractic care can have for those suffering from this condition.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (i) reported that 63% of patients who visited a rheumatologist for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia conditions also sought some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Of these individuals 31% chose Chiropractic care, making Chiropractic the most popular alternative used by this group of people. Importantly, 73% of these patients determined that Chiropractic care was helpful in controlling their chronic pain.


Fuel Your Body

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Fuel Your Body

Fuel your Body

Just like a car needs fuel to make it run, your body needs the right kind of nutritional fuel. The key to healthy eating is balance, variety and moderation. The right balance of foods will make sure that your body gets most of what it needs in terms of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fibre to stay healthy.

You are what you eat


Room available for rent!

Space for rent

We currently have space available for rent for a local exceptional therapist/practitioner. Please call the clinic and speak with Lauren for further details!


We now offer Hot Stone Massage!

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Janette Baker-Watts

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of a hot stone massage knows the intense feeling of relaxation and healing it provides.  

But do you know that there are long term, lasting benefits of hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage combines thermotherapy with massage techniques to provide an effective healing therapy to the body and mind.  The use of natural besalt stones which are high in iron retain heat within the stone and are used in conjunction with massage techniques to help the patient heal. The heat from the stone increases circulation of fluids through muscle tissue and spaces in the joints.  Combining the heat with deep tissue movements creates a powerful detoxifying and invigorating treatment.

Some of the medicinal benefits of hot stone massage include:


Migraine Awareness Week - Have you tried Chiropractic?

Migraine Awareness Week

Migraine is not just a headache, it can be relentless; an intense pounding and throbbing pain that can steal your energy and ability to function. 

Migraine is the most common neurological condition affecting people of all ages, social classes, races and culture. During Migraine Awareness Week 7th - 13th September 2014, the United Chiropractic Association is highlighting the benefits of Chiropractic care in both the prevention and treatment of migraine headache.  Migraine is usually managed by medication but some patients do not tolerate acute and or prophylactic medicine, whilst other people may wish to avoid medication, Chiropractic is an alternative that should be considered.

To fully support this cause our Chiropractors will be offering FREE new patient consultations to any person presenting with Migraines during Migraine Awareness Week.



Sports Massage


With a level 5 BTEC graduate in Sports and Remedial massage from the NLSSM, Rebecca practices outcome based massage.  Each treatment is tailored to an individual’s needs; whether that be a sporting goal, reaching their peak performance, injury rehabilitation or prevention, or easing the pain caused by every day demands placed on the body.


Stay Hydrated and Healthy

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Stay Hydrated & Healthy

Did you know that around 60% of our body weight is made up of water? It is an essential element that your body can’t produce.  You can survive for weeks without food, but only a couple of days without water, unlike camels, we aren’t lucky enough  (depending on how your look at it) to be able to store water in humps. 

Water is responsible for the transport of nutrients, oxygen and waste products, as well as regulating your body temperature, so getting enough fluid each day is important for good HEALTH.

How much water should you drink?

If you guessed the answer was 2 litres, you are not far off, but this may not be right for everyone. 

The ideal amount is actually ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day

Weight =7 stone (98lbs) you should drink 49 oz of water (1.4 litres)