Coming this month..Spinal Awareness Week

Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic Spinal Awareness Week 2018
The Alliance of UK Chiropractors (AUKC) has launched a campaign to make people more aware about the importance of a having a healthy spine: The (AUKC) says the spine is key to overall health, not just the back and neck, because it houses and protects the central nervous system that connects the body to the brain.
Spinal Awareness Week 2018: “It’s not how you feel, but how you function”
Our aim is to encourage people to make lifestyle choices that will enable their body to work well, keep your nervous system functioning at its best, and to cope better with stresses that can often lead to health complaints both physically and mentally.
By addressing all the Pillars of Health, chiropractors are well placed to offer support, guidance and appropriate treatment to people of all ages to regain, maintain and avoid future health challenges:
“Chiropractic isn’t the solution, it’s part of a solution,”