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About Infrared Light and Heat

Infrared light creates the type of heat people feel when exposed to the sun, but without the UV component, which can be damaging to the skin.

Infrared Saunas vs Regular Heat Saunas

The main advantage of far infrared saunas compared to regular saunas is the deep detoxification of all organs and tissues. When we say “deep detoxification”, we mean much deeper than regular steam rooms or saunas, as beneficial as they are. The reason for this is that heat from far infrared penetrates into the body in a much deeper way than regular forms of sauna, which can only get as far as the skin and lymph which are the most superficial tissues.

The other point to note is that you don’t need to actually feel especially hot to receive the full benefits of the far infrared sauna. Whilst traditional saunas raise the air temperature to very high levels, and most people can only stay in them for 10 minutes or so, far infrared saunas do not require excessive heat to be effective, and people can often stay in them comfortably for up to an hour. So Far Infrared Saunas provide their benefits at lower, more comfortable temperatures; meaning longer, healthier, more enjoyable sauna sessions.

Benefits of Infrared Saunas

  • Increases surface blood flow without increasing blood pressure, by promoting dilation of the blood vessels.
  • Improves the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body
  • Promotes faster healing of deep tissues
  • Relieves pain.
  • Promotes white blood cell and T-cell production, which fight harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Promotes deep detoxification of heavy metals and other toxic residues in the blood and lymph
  • Improves circulation by increasing blood flow in a similar way to that seen during exercise

Our Infrared sauna

Our sauna is designed to hold accommodate up to 4 people but realistically we think it’s only comfortable for two people at a time. Therefore sessions can be shared between two consenting friends or couples.

Call Reception on 01442 863800 to book a trial session