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Meet our dedicated team

Lauren Comely


Lauren is a GCC registered Doctor of Chiropractic. She is a member of the UCA, ICPA, RCoC and she is Webster certified. Lauren has been the owner of Berkhamsted Chiropractic since 2009 and works with her team to ensure the best possible standards of care.
Lauren has over 20 years’ experience in Chiropractic practice in various different settings – from a GP surgery to the Poly Clinic at The London 2012 Paralympics.
Lauren found Chiropractic after a fall down a flight of stairs as a child. Visiting the Chiropractor with this injury as well as years of headaches Lauren was amazed at the results and inspired to start a journey towards becoming a Chiropractor herself.
Lauren studied at the AECC in Bournemouth to gain a BSc, MSc and a post graduate Doctorate in Chiropractic (not to be confused with a medical doctor). Lauren enjoys treating and working with anyone who walks in the door - having taken their first step towards improving their health and wellbeing. Lauren is passionate about chiropractic and the lifestyle choices that come with it.
Outside of work Lauren enjoys her time as a mum of two. Lauren stays healthy and strong by running with the family dog in Ashridge and working on her yoga and pilates practice.

“While other professions are concerned with changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment.” BJ Palmer

Kevin Pistak


“My goal is to enhance the quality and enjoyment of my clients’ life experiences through the highest standards of Chiropractic care.”

Kevin originally studied Marine Biology at university, and had two life-altering events had they not occurred, Kevin would not be a Chiropractor today. A chronic shoulder injury showed no signs of improvement, despite visits to Sports Medicine Specialists, Physiotherapists and his GP, but then Kevin had a chance encounter with a Chiropractor. It unlocked the secret to his injury and relieved him of years of pain. And changed the course of his life forever. Literally.

After graduating from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Kevin opened his own Chiropractic clinic in Victoria BC, Canada. And after eleven successful years, he relocated to England. He has been a key part of our family at Berkhamsted Chiropractic since 2005.

Kevin welcomes people of all ages and from all walks of life, although through his years of practice he has developed a special interest in the care of infants and small children. He aims to help each client achieve their full potential for the expression of health and wellbeing by minimising nervous system stressors that are not only physical, but also aided by a balanced nutrition and state of mind.

As well as having a particular interest in the way an individual’s spinal alignment can promote a better-balanced use of the body, Kevin frequently utilises Kinesiology taping procedures to help aid a speedier recovery from injury and a return to full function. He also offers consultation for and the fitting of heat mouldable foot orthotics.

Away from our family and home of health, Kevin regularly practices Yoga for improved flexibility. He uses resistance weight training to help maintain neuromuscular health and ventures out on long road rides for cardiovascular health, and peace of mind. Kevin also keeps a marine aquarium, which not only provides many challenges, but also tremendous satisfaction – when he gets it right!

Laura Knowles


“Having always had a passion for health and wellness, Chiropractic was a natural choice of profession.”

Following five years study at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, gaining an MSc as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Laura took a position in a busy family practice in Windsor, where she enjoyed treating people from all ages and backgrounds. With a desire to gain new and more varied experience, Laura became a Locum, working throughout England and Northern Ireland, covering Chiropractors and gaining experience in a multitude of practice styles and techniques. With a desire to establish some roots, it was the strong foundation and history coupled with a modern approach to Chiropractic ethos which attracted Laura to the family here at Berkhamsted Chiropractic.

In addition to the variety of conditions a busy practice provides, Laura has special interest in women and children’s health. This includes:

– Supporting women during their antenatal period to understand how their body adjusts and copes with their pregnancy and treating to ensure optimal pelvic alignment.

– Post natal care and treatment to again achieve alignment and to enhance understanding and self-awareness of correct posture and adjustment to best care for their body after the arrival of their baby.

– Safe and gentle techniques working with babies and children to ensure best possible function of their growing body and nervous system.

Laura has completed various extra qualifications for working with babies, children and pregnant women. This includes certification in Webster technique, which is a gentle and safe analysis and adjustment used by qualified Chiropractors to optimise pelvic alignment and balance for pregnancy and birth.

Laura very much enjoys the variety a busy practice provides, her main objective being to help the body heal itself and achieve optimal health. This is obtained through spinal checks and adjustments enabling the best possible health for your nervous system, along with a holistic approach to lifestyle and nutrition.

Nate Bogedain


Nate was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania in the USA. In 2014, he graduated magna cum laude from Life University with a Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Sports Health Science. He has also extensive study in the chiropractic specialty of Functional Neurology. He spent 3 years practicing in Austin, Texas helping people heal and return to the activities they love.

In 2017, Nate and his wife Rebecca embarked on the adventure of moving to her home country of England. A journey made all that more interesting by bringing their rescue dog Olive with them, who still accompanies them everywhere. Together they love being outside and active, especially exploring the countryside. They have been living in Berkhamsted since 2019.

Nate was practicing in London from 2017, leading a team of therapists working primarily with chronic spinal conditions. He is excited to join Berkhamsted Chiropractic and being a part of the local community. He is an active member of the tennis club, always up for a friendly game and working on his fundamentals.

Chiropractic became a part of his life, when recovering from a minor car accident as a teenager; as well as assisting with chronic migraines. Throughout his journey of learning and practice he has embraced the wonders of the nervous systems crucial role and impact on all bodily function and wellbeing. Utilizing his skills to help others better themselves whether its improving pain conditions, balance disorders, sports performance and recovery, or general health and wellbeing.

Sean Heneghan


“When people are suffering in some way, whether it’s physical or emotional, there is some loss of function or restriction. When it eases there is an increased freedom – something is possible that wasn’t possible before.”

Sean is a Counsellor, Acupuncturist and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and he first became interested in Chinese medicine as a teenager through martial arts. As his training in Chinese medicine progressed, he grew increasingly interested in working with people through the therapeutic relationship itself. This led to training both in counselling and hypnotherapy, in addition to acupuncture. Sean now uses all of these approaches, sometimes alone, sometimes in combination, to help people with a wide range of emotional and physical problems.

Sean is highly qualified (BSc hons, LicAc, MBAcC, HPD, DipCHyp, MBACP), a member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, a member of The British Acupuncture Council, and has two trainings in Hypnotherapy – one from the Institute of Clinical hypnosis, and the second from The Quest Institute. Sean has been with us here at Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic since 2010.

Sean’s objectives for clients are defined by the clients themselves, by working together on the areas of health or life that are important. In this way, therapy is always unique to each person. Usually, when people are suffering or become ill in some way, whether it’s physical or emotional, there is some loss of function or restriction. When it eases there is an increased freedom – something is possible that wasn’t possible before, so part of Sean’s objective is to help with that in whatever way it is that somebody has become stuck.

Sean loves working with a wide range of people with all sorts of problems. Sometimes those problems are mostly physical - muscular skeletal problems, headaches, migraines – and sometimes they are much more emotional. Sean works a lot with anxiety and depression, and a variety of other emotional issues as well.

Being an acupuncturist, a counsellor and a hypnotherapist, Sean sees a very wide range of issues and what’s distinct about Sean is his training across these broad approaches, as it makes for a much wider scope than any of these therapies on their own.

Away from our home of health, Sean maintains his own health and wellbeing by training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and he’s frequently in the gym. Sean also loves Yoga, but admits that he doesn’t do it as much as he should!

Dr Claire Mansfield

Counselling Psychologist

“Counselling and therapy enables you to talk about painful or difficult experiences in a safe and confidential setting. And it may enable you to find new ways of coping or to think about changes that you may want to make.”

Claire is a Chartered counselling psychologist, offering counselling and therapy for adults and young people with personal or psychological difficulties, such as anxiety, relationship issues and depression.
Claire offers private counselling and therapy, and a compassionate and sensitive approach for a wide range of personal and emotional difficulties, with sessions for adults and young people adapted to suit the individual client. Claire works collaboratively with you to bring resolution, insight and change to emotional and psychological difficulties. Clients choose whether they want short-term or long-term therapy and together you’ll discuss the various therapeutic approaches available.

Claire will ask you questions about the problems you are experiencing and your aims for therapy, in order to develop a therapeutic approach tailored to your specific difficulties and needs.

Counselling and therapy enables individuals to talk about painful or difficult experiences in a safe and confidential setting. It may enable you to find new ways of coping or to think about changes that you may want to make. Many individuals come to therapy in distress, so Claire offers sensitivity, care and respect and she has the highest regard for ethical and non-discriminatory practice.
Claire holds a professional doctorate degree in counselling psychology (PsychD), a master’s degree in cultural analysis and an undergraduate degree in psychology. She has trained in many models of psychotherapy including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), compassion focused therapy, psychodynamic therapy and mentalization based treatment. Claire is accredited by the British Psychological Society as a chartered psychologist, reflecting the highest standards of psychological knowledge and expertise. The Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), the regulator for health care professionals, also accredits her (registration number: PYL33124).

Claire has a wealth of experience, working with adults and children for over 10 years with emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties. Having worked as a psychologist in the NHS where she was a supervisor for trainee psychologists, Claire’s time is now focussed on her private practice with us here at Berkhamsted Chiropractic.

The first session together is an opportunity for you to meet and decide if and how you can work together. It does not obligate you to attend further sessions.

Mary Comley (BSc)

Nutritional Therapy

I’ve had an interest in health and nutrition for as long as I can remember. For some years I kept a small herd of goats: selling milk and yoghurt to a few local people seeking an alternative dairy source for health reasons. Many years later my own health challenges led me to study Nutritional Therapy at the University of West London. As an ‘older adult’ I enjoy combining my passion for nutrition with my hobbies, horse riding, dog walking and gardening. I am insured and registered with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Busy lives and the ‘Grab and Go’ culture often leads to rushed food preparation and food shopping: this adversely affects nutrient intake, absorption and wellbeing.

Nutritional Therapy is a common sense approach to the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health and individual care. The management of food and lifestyle choices offers strategies for managing health conditions to achieve improvement in physical and emotional health and wellbeing: offering an evidence-based, personalised, confidential approach which may be used alongside conventional medicine and other complementary therapies.

Conditions commonly addressed include digestive problems, constipation, diarrhoea, allergies, low energy, low mood, sleep issues, stress, hormonal imbalances, weight management, skin health and high blood pressure.

If you would like to take control of your own health and learn what changes may give long term benefit arrange an appointment via the links below.

Why Rainbows, Cabbage and Mangoes?

For our bodies to function well we need to ‘Eat a Rainbow’: including a broad range of coloured vegetables, a wide variety of fruits, nuts, seeds and pulses together with good quality protein, from fish, meat, or vegetarian sources and importantly good fats and oils.

Basic green vegetables are as important as exotic fruits.

Rebecca Ash

Sports Massage

With a level 5 BTEC Diploma in Sports and Remedial massage, Rebecca practices outcome based massage. Each treatment is tailored to an individual’s needs; whether that be a sporting goal, reaching their peak performance, injury rehabilitation or prevention, or easing the pain caused by every day demands placed on the body.

As both an Ultra Marathon runner and Adventure Racer, Rebecca became interested in therapy to support these pursuits. The various treatments she received, including Chiropractic and Sports Massage, inspired a holistic approach to her sporting events.

Sports massage has been an invaluable benefit to both Rebecca’s running and general well-being and she is passionate about sharing the various benefits of this through her own practice.

Sports massage can help ease pain by helping correct muscular imbalance, restore functional movement patterns, improve athletic and day to day performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. Everyone can benefit!

Rebecca is at our clinic on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings.
Please call her directly on: 07747 023632 or email
 You can also book directly on Rebecca is an accredited member of the Sports Massage Association.

Adrian Forster

Personal Trainer

Adrian has over 25years’ experience in the Health and Fitness Industry working in various settings – sports centre, Rugby Club, Private School Fitness Dept, as a Gym Owner Partnership, Prison Education Dept and now Personal Studio.
Adrian has always participated in sport and found the Fitness area particularly inspiring and after his early years of coaching sports whilst completing Academic Studies at college spent his career in this field.

Adrian is a licensed Chek Holistic and Health Lvl 1 Coach and Functional Movement Screening level 1 coach and Sports Massage Therapist
With the combination of these skills he’s helped clients overcome years of neck pain, back pain, injuries, poor posture, chronic fatigue, and coached for weight loss, optimal gut health, strength & conditioning and more…

He takes a holistic view of the body - appreciating that there are many lenses to view the body, and there can be many different drivers to certain body / mind complaints. With this approach, Adrian has been able to offer results to certain clients where traditional approaches of physiotherapy have not been successful.

The Functional movement screen provides a standardised approach to assessing human movement identifying limitations and asymmetries and developing individualised corrective exercises programs Through assessing movement patterns Adrian can Identify and improve muscle imbalances. Adrian has learnt from world industry leaders in the fields of holistic health, rehabilitation, corrective exercise, functional movement, nutrition & lifestyle coaching and continues to further his education. He offers coaching services to those who require personalised rehabilitation programs in his studio or online with a video call.

Training and Education

Funcional Movement Screening Level 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 1, C.H.E.K Institute. B.A. (Hons), Sport & Fitness Science Science at University of Luton. Scientific Core Training, C.H.E.K Institute. Scientific Back Training, C.H.E.K Institute. Scientific Core Conditioning, C.H.E.K Institute. Program Design, C.H.E.K Institute.

Please call Adrian directly on:
07712 184424
or email him at

Lucy Hume

Sports Massage Therapist

Level 5 - Cambridge School of Sports Massage
Treatment style - Person centered, thorough, firm

Lucy has a passion for sports, especially running which led her to train as a Sports, Massage and Soft Tissue Therapist. Believing that everyone should live life to the full, Lucy is passionate about helping her clients to feel good, prevent injury and support their rehab.

Over the past four years Lucy has worked with clients suffering with day-to-day postural and functional issues; to semi-professional footballers; those chasing marathon PBs and everyone in between!

Having had a baby in 2021, Lucy is now also training in Pregnancy Massage & Remedial Therapy and will be bringing these new specialist skills to the Clinic in 2022

With a love of the great outdoors Lucy is here to help you achieve your goals, move freely and stay injury free.

Please book directly with Lucy on: 07525 918834

Bryony Benwell

Sports Massage Therapist

Level 4
Treatment style - Therapeutic, Nurturing and Gentle.
Bryony Benwell qualified as a remedial massage therapist from The Northern Institute of Massage. A serious car accident 20 years ago led her to seek help from massage therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors amongst others to help her get herself back to peak fitness.

This journey ultimately led her to be utterly convinced of the power of massage and how it can help with a huge variety of issues from headaches to speeding up injury recovery time or calming IBS issues. This conviction and interest in massage eventually drew her to her career.

Bryony takes a holistic approach to her patients’ wellbeing. She is especially interested in long and short term daily postural habits that can lead to injury or pain. After the initial thorough assessment, she treats each patient and then gives personalised exercises to do at home, based on her knowledge of yoga, Pilates and breathing methods.

Using a variety of different massage techniques, she aims to improve pain and flexibility and improve general comfort for the long term.

Please book directly with Bryony on: or call her on 07740 796309


Chiropractic has been a revelation to me. After months of back pain and sciatica, I’ve finally found a treatment that has tackled the issue effectively without needing to rely on painkillers. It’s wonderful to have a sense of equilibrium once more. Highly recommended.

Helen Bridal

It makes me feel better than any pain relief medication can!

Stephen Garrett

After weeks of taking large amounts of painkillers for neck pain – one visit to my chiropractor and I was able to stop all medication. What a relief, thank you so much!

Janet Simmons



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